Sale VR 3D Box Bluetooth Movie Gaming Remote Control

VR 3D Box Bluetooth Movie Gaming Remote Control

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(playing games, taking pictures, listening to music, VR resources, 3 d games, e-books flip, omnipotent, universal bluetooth remote control handle)
This product is a portable bluetooth remote control, can hang on the key chain can be used as mobile phone, tablet PC timer,
TV, TV box remote control PC computer remote control, 3 d game controllers, wireless mouse, etc., to support the  (iOS) system,
Android (Android) system, PC system and so on.
Product size: 73 mmx31mmx13mm
Bluetooth autodyne artifact + MINI game controllers (play) anytime and anywhere
Bluetooth remote control + e-book reading, listening to music
universal bluetooth remote control handle
1. The mobile timer is how to use?
Answer: use the timer method is very simple, pull switch located in the KEY, press START boot into take the keyboard mode,
I (ios) used for the  iPhone, the photo (or part of the android phones) take pictures of a (android) for android,
To determine the key or menu
2. Handle how to use the MINI game?
A: support android / PC (GAMEPAD) : NES/GB/GBC/SMD/ N64 / PSX/MAME; 
Android APK game,  iOS: iCade game
Tens of thousands of classic game can't use touch screen operation are available this bluetooth game controller
3: bluetooth remote control have what use?
Answer: can control the TVBOX with bluetooth, TV set, support for reading e-books, wireless mouse, music control
4. The timer is suitable for what kind of phone?
Answer: as long as the android system version 4.0 or above 4.0 version can use  system is also the perfect support

1: because the individual mobile phone bluetooth and WIFI signal interference problems, suggest that WIFI off before connection
2: when unexpected result in can't shut down, please use needle tapping machine after the reset button
3: the bluetooth pairing: first off bluetooth, hold the Ios health add stAr key, according to see the light at the same time let go,
Boot.Then open the phone bluetooth search matching.
4:  system: handle the game supports all the IcADE format