Samsung N7200 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset

Product Warranty : 7 Days Replacement
Product Code: 930
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Price: ৳1,200
1. Voice Commands
2.FreeSync Android application support
3. Extended battery life
4.Dual-mic noise cancellation
5.enjoying phone call without hands
6.Talk time/Play time: up to 5 hours
7. Standby time: up to 100 hours
8. Power source: Built in rechargeable Li-ion battery
9. Main functions: it can change automatically when a call come
10. Distance: Up to 10M
1.Open this device, press the button until you see the blue light shine .
2.Open the Bluetooth function:long press the button ,until you see
the Blue and Red light shine alternately. and then, search the bluetooth
signal in your phone,make a connection.
3. Close the Bluetooth : long press the button ,until you see the red light

shining,and then loosen your hand .