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মোবাইলের নেটওয়ার্ক সমস্যা? কথা কেটে যায়? 3G ইন্টারনেট স্পিড পাচ্ছেন না? লাগিয়ে নিন নেটওয়ার্ক ব্রুষ্টার।

এই এন্টেনা / ডিভাইসটি থাকলে মোবাইলের দূর্বল নেটওয়ার্ক 100% একটিভ্ হয়ে যাবে। কল কেটে যাওয়ার কোন সম্ভাবনাই থাকবেনা।

 Mobile Phone Signal Booster Details...

Price Tk. 8999/- (Coverage: 1000 sft + with 2G/Voice)
Price Tk. 13999/- (Coverage: 1800 sft + with 3G)
Price Tk. 15999/- (Coverage: 2000 sft + with 3G & 4G)
Price Tk. 20999/- (Coverage: 2500 sft + with 3G & 4G)
Price Tk. 24999/- (Coverage: 3500 sft + with 3G & 4G)
N.B.: Outdoor Antenna, Indoor Antenna & Device Included


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When we tested the repeater, 4G signal went from -100dB to -76dB ( About 1 bars signal to full bars signal).



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Log periodic antenna with 0.3 meters cable

10dBi Gain

Frequency: 800-2700mhz

N female connector




Indoor Panel Antenna with 2 meters cable; 3dBi Gain  (N female connector)

ceilling 2

15 meters cable(N Male Connectors)


Installation Approaches:

1.Fix up outdoor antenna(usually use the yagi antenna) on the housetop and point to signal tower.

2.Connect  outdoor antenna to "BTS" in repeater via cable.(Notice:the machine must be away from outdoor antenna for  more than 10 meters)

3.Connect indoor antenna(usually use panel antenna)  to"Mobile" in repeater via cable(the machine must be away from indoor antenna for more than 1 meters)

4.Plug the power adaptor,power light will be lighting ,when the outdoor antenna receive the strong signal the LCD will be display the signal Please note that,when you find signal twinkling and have no full signal display  that means have no signal input and you need to check your outdoor antenna position.

TIP: An outdoor antenna should be "isolated" from the internal antenna, that is, there must be constructive obstacles (walls, partitions, etc.) between the antennas. 


When the distance between the external antenna and internal antenna is not far enough, both antennas will receive signal from the other one, then your phone will not receive
any signal.


Working principle:

1.Outdoor antenna received the signal from signal tower.

2.Then,through cable sent the signal to the indoor repeater.

3.The repeater accepts  and improvs the signal.

4.After that,the fine signal goes into indoor antenna,via cable to  your mobile phone.