Sale Hello Bluetooth Glove Talking Handset

Hello Bluetooth Glove Talking Handset

Brand: VAT30

Product Warranty : 7 Days Replacement
Product Code: 197
Availability: 8

Price: ৳2,500 ৳1,200

Answer Calls

    • You can answer calls while keeping your hands free and warm in winter
    • Keep Warm
    • It can be used as gloves to wear to keep your hand warm
    • Perfect for every sport, from skiing to running
    • Touch Function
    • iTouch finger has touch function, you can use the gloves with your touch screen device
    • Fashionable and Conveient
    • Fashionable, convenient, comfortable and fun to use anytime and anywhere
    • Can be Water Washed
    • Support water wash after take out the earphone
    • Perfect for every sport, rom skiing to running


  • Bluetooth pairing : please press the power button for about 5 seconds until you see blue-red light blinking alternately (each light last for 1 second.) In this mode, it is for device pairing
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*Conductive materials are used at tips of fingers for touch operation on a touch screen
*Supports Bluetooth technology
*Built-in microphone for calling without removing your gloves
*Soft to the touch
*Standby: 5 days
*Working Time: 8-10 hours
*Compatibility: Any Bluetooth enabled Cell phones
Package content:
*1 x bluetooth iGloves
*1 x Charger Cable
*1 x Retail package