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Broadlink RM Pro Smart Home Remote Controller

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Broadlink RM2 Rm Pro, Broadlink RM Home Smart Home Universal Intelligent Controller, WIFI+IR+RF Switch Wireless Remote Control Via IOS Android

The Broadlink RM Pro is an universal remote for you to control infrared / RF appliances through your smartphone. Users can control the appliances anywhere at anytime once they can connect mobile internet (Either Wifi or GPRS).

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Black Bean also name RM Mini3 which is a revolutionary smart intelligent appliance controller. BroadLink black beans is the first good Intelligent remote control. Air conditioning, televisions, set-top boxes and other appliances can be easily controlled, mobile second remote control.

Designed to help you get more control and perform better. It enables you to smart your home any where you are, as well as any time you want. Braodlink Strong R&D team spent almost one years conducting scientific research, building hardware prototypes and developing the algorithms for black bean . The end result is the most advanced smart wireless device ever created, hidden in a mini cylinder that is elegant and ergonomic.


Except controlling appliance directly, users can also preset scheduling, theme so that appliances will turn on / off automatically under different themes. For example, you can create a "presentation mode" so that consecutive actions (E.g. Close the curtains→Turn on the computer→Turn on the projector→The projector switch to the particular channel) will be taken at 9a.m. everyday.

Note:The Broadlink RM PRO can 433 / 315MHz(Rf signal), RM Home only can support 315MHz frequencies


1. Support all IR controlled devices such as TV, Air condition, DVD and etc.
2. Support 433MHz and 315MHz frequencies(RM PRO).
3. Support Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n
4. Support Apps for Android and IOS
5. Control your TV by your smart phone via internet
6. You can set the boot time of TV/Air condition/DVD in advance
7. Support auto modes, AUTO HOME and AUTO AWAY
8  Easy config: One step connection to your home or office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed
9  Profiles: Turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a universal remote
10 Smart Control: Using Broadlink App, you can control your devices anywhere,anytime
11  Scheduling: Pre-set your own profiles, automatically work at set time
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Use black beans WIFI smart remote control through the "E-control" phone APP, one-button easy to control air conditioning, TV, DVD, set-top boxes and other infrared appliances, can also remotely, clock, voice remote control, home appliance control become fun and easy!


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RM Pro is the real ultimate universal remote control with the following features:
+ Support 80,000+ TVs, air conditioners, audios…
+ Automatic codes update from cloud
+ Automatic device matching without learning
+ Support 315/433Mhz wireless devices
+ iOS/Android app control from anywhere
+ Home/away mode, sleep/wake-up mode, parents mode and security mode
+ Ultra signal strength and 360 degree coverage

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