Sale Tigernu Solar Power Backpack 15.6 inch Grey

Tigernu Solar Power Backpack 15.6 inch Grey

Product Warranty : 1 Year
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Price: ৳8,700 ৳3,100
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Note:The useful life of the solar panel is one year 


                          * The innovative circuitry design of the Solar Power allows you to power external . With a total output of 10 W

                          *   The 3rd Generation Solar Panel will  be able to  completely charge an iPhone 6S in only 2 hours on a sunny day!

                          * It can generate even on a cloudy day can charhe any USB device


                                      *charge on the go with access to the power pocket on your right hand side.

                                      *Space to store axtra phone cable so you can charge your phone while it's in the power pocket or your jeans pocket. 

                                      *This USB port has an extension cable which runs though the inside lining pf the bag up to the Solarbank.3164---_113164---_12